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Our HR strategies and consulting services would reduce people challenges and unwanted cost.

What ACS offers to you?

● ACS is holding great amount of expertise and knowledge in the area of Human Resource Management. Our HRM consulting solutions helps companies to overcome their people challenges, aligning efforts to improve probability of meeting planned goals and keeping HR cost within budget.
● Our services are customized and tailored toward your business so that you get the best return on investment. We provide industry-specific packages that will help you achieve the success you are looking for.

Our Services

HR Business Partner

We function to guide and communicate with the company’s senior leadership team and department managers on overall company strategy and keep them aligned to achieve the objectives. We also determine and steer the objectives of the human resources department of your organization focusing on your business growth strategies and people challenges.

Organizational Restructuring

Many companies fail to achieve the set organizational objectives, as they never align their organizational structure with targeted growth objectives. We guide companies to do organizational restructuring when a business model has changed due to internal or external factors and needs to adapt to survive and ultimately grow. This may result in a downsize, upsize or reshuffle of staffing requirement. We guide companies to complete the restructuring within time and cost, aligning it to targeted growth objectives.

Resource Planning

We help in building the prearranged and cautious utilisation of resources. We have mastered the art & science of Resource Planning. We design your Resource strategies through a systematic process to achieve the optimum use of an organization's time and people. We also train and enable your resourcing team to create and maintain stability between projects, tasks, teams, time and budget. We guide them in building relationships, developing talent pool and providing resources in departments throughout the organization in time and within budget.

Compensation Bench Marking

Compensation bench marking is a very powerful tool. Most small to midsized companies do not perform compensation benchmarking, which result into attrition and overpriced resources. It helps your organization to ensure that your internal pay rates remain competitive within your local pay markets. In today's competitive talent landscape, benchmarking allows you to assess how you're positioned relative to market, enabling you to make smart pricing decisions that enable you to attract and retain top talent.

It becomes more powerful tool, when it is aligned strategically with Resource planning and Organizational structure, which are designed keeping organizational objectives into consideration.

Performance Management

In many organizations, performance management is considered as an annual process of getting salary revision by reviewing the employee work performance. Hence one of the business-critical practice does not deliver output, it should be delivering to the business. On the other hand Performance management's goal is to create an environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities to produce the highest-quality work most efficiently and effectively. A formal performance-management program helps managers and employees see eye-to-eye about expectations, goals, and career progress, including how individuals' work aligns with the company's overall vision. We enable organization to use Performance Management tool to keep its people aligned to organizational vision from day one and throughout the year to deliver business success.

HR Policies

We have years of expertise in framing the HR polices for the organization. Whether you are a start-up of established organization, we can frame or re-frame your HR policies meeting the internal and external requirements. We design the policies and procedures to fit the needs, goals, and aims of the organization and its top leadership.

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Our Solutions

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We convert your business Challenges into Opportunities.


HRM Consulting

Overcome your people challenges. Get ACS HRM Solutions for accelerated Growth.


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Custom-build software to your specifications.



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We offers a comprehensive suite of software testing.


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